Web3 games use Singularity to increase revenue by +30%

With Singularity, you can now onboard users on mobile, Unity or Unreal with ease. Users can purchase their favorite NFTs from your own in-game marketplace in 1 click and sign transactions silently and instantly.

Feel the difference from Day One

Build the most beautiful UX you can and we manage all the wallet and on-chain related activity silently, while preserving full user control, transparency and support.

Increase Revenue by 30%

Reduce user drop-offs by 15%

Improve user retention and loyalty


Built. For. Gaming.

Mobile & Game Engines

Singularity SDK works natively on Android, iOS, Unity and Unreal. Users get a native hot wallet without having to figure out how to connect Metamask or other wallets.

AppChain Onramp

Build your game on any Rollup or AppChain and we will ensure your users can bring liquidity directly to your chain. Our unique, AppChain Smart Onramp lets users to bridge tokens directly to your AppChain without leaving your app.

Buy NFT with Credit Card

List your NFTs on any primary or secondary marketplace and we will allow your users to directly purchase them using a Credit or Debit Card of their choice. OR they can buy the NFT with any crypto on any chain. In 1 click!

For web3 natives

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Buy with cross-chain crypto in 1 click

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Multi-chain and multi-wallet support

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Automatic route optimization

For new-to-web3

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Easy non-custodial wallets that work on mobile

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Fiat payments, with no KYC for NFTs

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Gasless, simple crypto transactions

What Our Clients Say

We highly recommend Singularity for their seamless fiat-to-crypto service.
Our service experienced improvement thanks to Singularity’s API integration, and their responsive team ensures smooth operations.

Singularity enabled us to streamline our payment process quickly and securely. Its seamless integration with our systems ensures a smooth onboarding experience and effortless payments.

Accessibility is key in web3 and Singularity’s payment solutions remove barriers and friction for users to be able to come in and easily acquire tokens. Integrating Singularity directly into your dApp and UI is simple and the team ensures they provide everything needed from integration to ongoing support.

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