Our mission is to bring the goodness of self ownership to every internet user in the world

We believe that blockchain based ownership, asset management and value exchange will drive unbelievable technological innovation, however many UX challenges remain to make the technology easy enough for mass adoption.

At Singularity, we want to change that! We are building dead simple interfaces that let anyone onboard onto the world of web3, and use wallets, payments and digital assets with ease. We are a team of passionate builders with deep expertise in web2 consumer tech, and want to bring the scalability, security and ease of use to the web3 ecosystem.

We are doing this by packaging all the hard tech behind a set of simple SDKs, libraries and APIs that our client partners can integrate in a few minutes within the awesome apps they are building. If this resonates with you, please get in touch, we would love to partner with you and help your application become super successful!

Core Team

Aditya Gupta

Founding PM

Previously, Group PM at Google and entrepreneur

Amit Sharma

Founding Engineer

Previously, Eng at Kutumb

Mohit Bhat

Founding Engineer

Previously, Blockchain Engineer

Paras Madaan

Founding Engineer

Previously, Eng at Amazon

Rohan Sakore

Founding UXD

Previously, UX lead at Zenius and LearnMall

Sanchit Arora

Founding Engineer

Previously, Eng at Uber

Sumit Vohra

Founding Engineer

Previously, Security Eng at Intuit and entrepreneur

Tarun Gupta

Founding Engineer

Previously, Eng at Adobe and PayTM