Welcome to Singularity!

Singularity network

Singularity is an instant payment rails solution for AppChains. With Singularity, you can onboard any user onto your game, instantly and effortlessly create blockchain wallets for them, record all your transactions on the chain, and give users a smooth on-ramp experience where they can purchase your tokens with any fiat or crypto on any chain.

With Singularity, you can focus on building a stellar app and leave the wallet and payment management complexities on us! It is our mission to help bring the first billion users into the fascinating world of self custody, interoperability and blockchains and would be delighted to play a small part in your success.

We are a team of passionate builders with deep expertise in web2 consumer tech, and want to bring the scalability, security and ease of use to the web3 ecosystem. We package all the hard tech behind a set of simple SDKs, libraries and APIs that you can integrate in just a few minutes. If this resonates with you, please get in touch, we would love to partner with you and help your game become super successful!

Singularity Auth and Wallet

Onboard new users onto your web3 dApps in a jiffy. Every new web2 user instantly gets a completely non-custodial wallet created instantly on your AppChain. Users always retain control of their wallets, can view and export their public addresses, 12 word seed phrase or private key whenever they choose to. Our patent pending wallet key management infrastructure is unique - users don't have to remember their seed phrases if they don't want to, can login from any device as long as they can log into the same web2 Auth they used to sign up, and can get access to their wallet if Singularity servers are down.

It is a truly non-custodial wallet solution that is blazingly fast but yet is not dependent on any one party to work, while allowing the users to sign-in effortlessly using the same old techniques they are used to in web2.

Our product works entirely within your dApp's native environment and does not require the user to ever leave your website or app. And we have optimized the user journeys across platforms to minimize user drop offs or errors. Overall, we have taken care to make sure your users have great 1-click experiences, are never confused and stay within your apps.

Social sign-in: All major social oAuth supported, one tap user flow
Custom Auth: Use your own Firebase, Auth0 or other authentication solution
Instant wallets: Web2 users get a wallet created instantly on your AppChain
SDKs for every platform: Web, mobile or gaming platforms - we have SDKs that plug into your application wherever you need

Singularity Payments

Singularity is the simplest and fastest payment rails solution tailor made for web3 AppChain developers. Users can fund their AppChain wallets with stable coins or your own native token by directly paying with fiat or any crypto method they choose. We handle the bridging and swapping required in the background so that users can get a seamless 1 tap experience. Also list NFTs or other digital assets that users can buy directly within your app, and Singularity Pay takes care of the entire add-to-cart, and payment experience.

Users can link multiple external wallets to make payments, choose from between various fiat methods and take advantage of our instant, gasless transaction processing to instantly checkout in a smooth and frictionless manner. The transaction cost, gas fees and other costs are all included in the price shown beautifully on one page so users can choose their preferred payment option and checkout in 1 tap instead of going through multiple, confusing steps.

Fiat payments: Out of the box integrations with popular fiat on-ramps, supporting credit, debit and 10+ regional payment rails. We handle intermediate steps after on-ramping to convert into the desired token on the AppChain.
Multi chain, multi wallet support: Allow users to link multiple wallets and pay with any crypto currency on any chain - we handle the conversions, bridging and Dex integrations
Easy payment flows: Gasless contracts and backend connectivity with Dexs/private pools mean that users never have to leave your app to complete payments

Integrating our products is super easy. Get in touch with us to get started!